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Where is Firebug in the Popup Window?

After updating Firefox & co. on Ubuntu from the repositories, Firebug came with version 1.11.0 again with a recurring bug: Firebug was not available in Popup windows.

This bug was recently fixed (as described in fbug), but the fix is not in the release avaible from the Ubuntu repositories.

Fortunately, firebug can easily be built from source.

Get the source:

$ git clone git://

In the extensions/ directory, check install.rdf for the source version (it worked for me with this version):


The fix can be identified in the extension/bootstrap.js file (around line 72), but actually covers more lines than displayed here.

// Listen for new windows, Firebug must be loaded into them too.
- Services.ww.registerNotification(windowWatcher);
+ Services.obs.addObserver(windowWatcher, "chrome-document-global-created", false);

Now build Firebug using ant:

ron@ron:~/firebug/extension$ ant
Buildfile: ~/firebug/extension/build.xml
     [echo] Firebug version: 1.11.0a4 in ./release
Total time: 4 seconds

Finally install firebug/extension/release/firebug-1.11.0a4.xpi by opening it with Firefox, and hopefully enjoy Firebug in Popup windows.