A simple TCP/IP Notification Tool

Since I had some lightweight tools working on different data located on different machines in my TCP/IP LAN, I wanted to be informed about states or errors of the processes without logging into these machines.

The Notifier package provides a Java server that can be connected to a selected port on a selected machine; once it receives a message on this port, it pops up a small Java JFrame, showing the dispatcher and the message body indicating the urgency by its background color.

The Java package consists of two classes, Notifier and NotifierServer. With the Ant file, a Java JAR file can be compiled; start this manually or with autostart support. IP and Port are hardcoded, since they are not subject to frequent changes.

A PHP class Notifier provides a method fireNotification() that can send notifications to the server. The Sample.php shows how to do that.

Download package here